St. Paul, Alberta, Canada
Son of Joseph Vallette of St. Paul, Alberta, Canada
Roman Catholic
Service number
1944-06-12, France
Date of death
Netherlands, Killed in action
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C.
Plot 1 | Row A | Grave 2
Military grave
Additional info

VALLETTE lacks educational background and has proven better in practical work than in theory. Is willing but mental alertness is only fair and he learns slowly. Is bi-lin-gual speaking both French and English. Has a good attitude and is making the adjustment for Army life fairly well. Gives promise of developing into a good soldier. R.J. Scott, Captain

The m/n was re-interviewed during 6th week of Corps Training as prospective 6 pounder. Has greater intelligence than his M test indicates. He is enthusiastic, interested, and willing. OC of G Coy and A.E. recommend him for a/m course. W.P. Wagner, Captain

The m/n was re-interviewed in response to request for cooks. He is much interested in taking a cooks course, but it is noted that he has already been nominated for 6 pounder and consequently cannot be nominated for cooks course. He is a trained soldier and is at present in quarantine attending 6 pounder course. W.P. Wagner, Captain

The a/m completed 6 pounder course. Examination of the foregoing and interview indicates suitability for Overseas in C.I.C. (Oper) as 6 pdr. Training Officers state that soldier made average progress in his training. W.P. Wagner, Captain

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles war diary reports on October 28, 1944: Partly cloudy and cool with fair visibility. "C" and "D" Coys sent patrols to RECCE (Reconnaissance) the outskirts of the small city of Nieuwvliet, Netherlands during the night. At 0615 hrs "D" Coy attacked the city from the East and "C" Coy from the South East. Only moderate resistance was encountered and by 0730 hrs the two Coys, assisting self-propelled Coy units were in complete possession of the town and had captured 150 prisoners. "B" Coy carried out mopping up opposition South of the city and brought in several enemy prisoners. The Battalion Command Group moved to Nieuwvliet, Netherlands at 1045 hrs and rear Battalion HQ moved to 061162 (Field Scherpbierseweg, Torenweg, Schoondijkseweg, Netherlands). The CO attended a Bde O Gp at 1245 hrs. During the afternoon liaison patrols contacted the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment on the Battalion left flank and Canadian Scottish Regiment on the right. At 1700 hrs "A" Coy moved forward and after overcoming moderate enemy resistance occupied area 016170 (crossroad Sint Jansdijk / Mettenijedijk, Netherlands) and captured 62 prisoners. Another 60 prisoners were captured by the Carrier P1 while conducting mopping up opposition. Extensive enemy shell fire and snipers caused a few casualties during the day.