Aberdeen, Scotland
Son of Alexander Marshall and Annie Shearer of Cornhill, New Brunswick, Canada
Service number
1939-10-12, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
1942-01-09, United Kingdom
1944-08-17, France
Date of death
Netherlands, Killed in action
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C.
Plot 7 | Row B | Grave 7


Military grave
Additional info

Awarded One Good Conduct Badge on September 10, 1941.

To be Lance Corporal on April 18, 1942.

Demoted to the grade of Private A.A.20 on November 27, 1943.

Assigned to the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders on August 17, 1944.

The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders war diary reports on October 12, 1944:
Weather cool and cloudy.

0700 hrs: Harassing fire tasks on the enemy which the enemy POW's report, is continued. Coy's are located as follows: A Coy, 161144 (Dijkeputten/ parking Havenstraat, Hoofdplaat, Netherlands), B Coy, 163153 (Zuidlangeweg/ entrance Hoofdplaat from the South), C Coy, 166156 (Oesterput/ Football field, Hoofdplaat), D Coy, 171153 (Oostlangeweg, about 500 metres East of Hoofdplaat).

0840 hrs: 'Annabelle' 45 minutes from no. 'Annabelle' is the attack by "B" Coy on ref 161144 (Zuidlangeweg/ Wilhelminadijk, Hoofdplaat). Our Snipers are going to operate on the left flank: at present they are at DF 401.

0920 hrs: Arty comes down on 'Annabelle'. "B" Coy report the best shooting they have ever seen. The enemy is brining fire down on his own position.. a 20mm is firing now.

0945 hrs: "B" Coy is moving in on forward edge of objective. Everything is going well so far. The Arty is firing DF 274 to prevent the enemy from withdrawing. Out aircraft are bombing Breskens, Netherlands for the second time this morning.

1015 hrs: Our area is under 20mm fire, a few rounds of heavy are also falling.

1025 hrs: Enemy guns are located at ref 145150 (Hogewegdijk/ camping Scheldehoeve, Hoofdplaat), 2 Anti Aircraft at target 403.

1045: C.O. requests field fire on ref 162140 (Zuidlangeweg/ 150 metres East of St Pietersdijk, Hoofdplaat). Fire from that location is bothering "B" Coy quite a bit, and also holding up the NNSH (North Nova Scotia Highlanders) who are having stiff going attacking the Driewegen, Netherlands area.

1100 hrs: "B" Coy has taken its objective but is pinned down by enemy fire.

1110 hrs: The weather is now fair and clear and the Tiffy's have agreed to engage targets are IJzendijke, Netherlands.

1117 hrs: The NNSH are not yet on target 414 but hope soon to be.

1150 hrs: Process of consolidating continues, consisting chiefly of Arty duels on each side. SDG are being annoyed by a gun in a house ref 162140 (Zuidlangeweg, Hoofdplaat/ 100 metres East of St. Pietersdijk) and request permission to fire mediums in an attempt to 'knock the house down'. The NNSH have no objection to the engaging of this area.

1200 hrs: Casualties to date: 2 Officiers killed, 4 Officers wounded, 6 Other Ranks killed, 48 Other Ranks wounded. 

1331 hrs: "B" Coy are now completely on top of their target thanks to Uncle target: they completely dominate their objective. The enemy resistance is very tenacious and determined. He has many well prepared positions, and has all the cross roads and dyke junctions covered by fire both small arms and Artillery. "B" Coy is to be prepared to come to the assistance of NNSH, who are having a hot time, as they work on to their objective at SEAL.

1400 hrs: Typhoons are working in close co-operation and are engaged on target 414, also firing East of target 273... 'dead on'. CH of O MG (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa M.G.) are making arrangements to take over from "B" Coy. We are to leave one Platoon under command CH of O to thicken up the ground.

1410 hrs: Enemy mortar reported at ref 148153 (Hogewegdijk, 500 metres North of camping Scheldehoeve) and a gun at ref 152150 (800 metres East of camping Scheldehoeve).

1530 hrs: C.O. in a message to the 2 i/c reports that the Troops did well today. "B" Coy put in an attack successfully after a hard scrap. Sunray minor (Major Peterson) was a casualty , with a slight wound. Friend on left (NNSH) with a big job to do are now getting along nicely. Unit is crowded and can't afford to 'bulge out' therefore things are to remain as they are. Rear BHQ with the 2 i/c and Adjudant still remains back at SAFFELAERE 2988, sheets 22 and 32.

1730 hrs: Hy guns at Breskens are shelling "A" Coy area, and we call for air support. "A" and "B" Coy's are also under fire from guns at Vlissingen, Netherlands. 

1745 hrs: The enemy is attacking "B" Coy. Arty is called down on DF ref 156145 (Wilhelminadijk, 350 metres West of Zuidlangeweg). The enemy are at ref 162140 (Zuidlangeweg, Hoofdplaat/ 100 metres East of St. Pietersdijk), very close to "B" Coy.

1800 hrs: Their Arty fire was very effective and the enemy attack was repulsed. Enemy identifications: 765 Flak Battalion, 1240 Artillery Regiment, 1039 Grenadier Regiment.

1900 hrs: "D" Coy and NNSH are reported to be very thin on the ground at ref 162163 (possible an incorrect ref) having suffered casualties. They are to be reinforced. "C" Coy (SDG) is to expand to the left a little way in the village of Hoofdplaat. CH of O are now located at the cross roads 160143 (Wilhelminadijk/ Zuidlangeweg).

2100 hrs: Haystacks at ref 155154 (450 metres South of Westlangeweg, Hoofdplaat/ 700 metres East of Hogeweg) are thought to be concrete pill boxes Anti Tank Platoon have been engaging them, and they report the A/P bounces off. Harassing fire is laid on, one in particular is DF 376.

Temporary burial 37 Allies WW2 Hoofdplaat
Temporary burial 37 Canadian casualties. Farm P. de Clerck. Westerscheldedijk, Plaskreek, Thomaespolder, Netherlands.