Chauvin, Alberta, Canada
Son of Joseph Stuart and Jessie Reinhart of Chauvin, Alberta, Canada
United Church
Service number
1944-09-01, France
Date of death
Killed in action, Netherlands
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Algonquin Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Plot 1 | Row F | Grave 10
Military grave
Additional info

Pte. Reinhart has progressed very satisfactorily in Basic Training. He should not be delayed at all in his Advanced Training. Having had some experience in Motorcycle riding he would strongly prefer being selected for Despatch Rider to other duties. Training Officer reports; "Fair progress, quite willing, physical average." D.E. Cashion, Lieutenant. 

The Algonquin war diary reports on September 24, 1944: At 0400 hrs the enemy in about platoon strength attacked 9 platoon under Lt Cohen. A pitched battle was fought with grenades, rifles and MG's. In the darkness and confusion, the right half of 9 platoon withdrew, but Cpl Stanley on the left held his ground with this section. Sgt Brady and Cpl Weeks who time and again helped to re-organize the platoon were both wounded. The withdrawal was effected though 5 feet of cold water. Cpl Stanley linked up with 8 platoon under Lt MacDonald and these lads did some fine killing. By this time word was received at Coy HQ by runner as the 18 set had been knocked out in the initial attack. Pre-arranged mortar tasks were laid on and the tanks which had withdrawn from the position on the road during the hours of darkness came forward and engaged the enemy where they had stopped. At 1st light a Bn 6 pounder was brought into position and covered the old 9 platoon position and the area of the dyke over which the enemy was thought to have come. This gun engaged the position and the enemy was seen withdrawing. At the same time out 3" mortar shells landed among them causing casualties so that they suffered casualties from both weapons. 9 platoon re-organized in the area of Coy HQ and then moved to an alternate position where they could cover their old area by fire. The total casualties were 3 killed and 10 wounded. Pte Wilkinson is missing and believed dead. During the rest of the morning and the day, tanks continued to engage the enemy they saw and shelled any buildings that they saw them in. Our 6 pounders fired at buildings at range. At 1730 hrs 8 platoon was withdrawing to a position between 7 and 9 platoons. A Bn shoot was then laid on at 1800 hrs in which a heavy concentration of 3" and 4.2" mortar shells fell on the enemy. Tanks fired 75mm guns and 17 pounders. Sp guns knocked out pillboxes. MMG laid down harassing fire in conjunction with arty concentration in the rear of the enemy positions to cut off retreat. During the day the Coy was under spasmodic enemy shelling from the North and remained in their same positions for the night.