New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Son of William Nicholson and of Delores MacGillivary, of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Service number
1942-04-07, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
1944-07-21, United Kingdom
1944-08-17, France
Date of death
Netherlands, Killed in action
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C.
Plot 7 | Row B | Grave 1


Military grave
Additional info

Assigned to the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders on August 22, 1944.

The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders war diary reports on October 13, 1944: MR170153 (Oostlangeweg, Hoofdplaat, Netherlands)

0830 hrs: Weather is clear and cool. The plan arranged whereby the Typhoons would attack the pill boxes (haystacks discovered yesterday) did not work out. Smoke was fired and the planes were over the target but the some undisclosed reason they did not engage. Enemy guns were active during the night shelling the Battalion area at intervals. Two Platoons of "D" Coy are now located at refs 162148 (Zuidlangeweg, about 400 metres South of Hoofdplaat, Netherlands) and 163155 (Eurostraat, Hoofdplaat).

0945 hrs: Smoke is again laid on the haystacks as a target indication, but this time the planes failed to appear. "D" Coy is engaging the hack stacks with the anti tank gun (probably a Piat) u/c with no results so far. "D" Coy in under airburst fire. The North Nova Scotia Highlanders report guns in houses at ref 145146 (Wilhelminadijk, 200 metres East of Hogewegdijk, Hoofdplaat). Highland Light Infantry of Canada being counter attacked.

1050 hrs: The haystack target has not been accepted for 1100 hrs as was thought. The planes are to be over the target after 1200 hrs.

1100 hrs: "B" Coy is heavily shelled from area 137148 (Oranjedijk, 400 metres East of Klakbaan, Hoofdplaat). They request target DF 274 as the enemy are coming up the dyke. Arty ask for targets DF 376 and DF 274. 

1110 hrs: Target shot. Repeat target DF 376. The Gunners have difficulty in getting the Coy's to report on the fire brought down. For the Gunners it is like shooting in the dark and not knowing where the shots land.

1115 hrs: The enemy counter attack is driven off. Enemy 20mm firing from 153146 (Wilhelminadijk, between hogewegdijk and Zuidlangeweg).

11130 hrs: Typhoons are active in the area, targets unknown.

1140 hrs: "D" Coy wish to know if any enemy have surrendered to the NNSH. The answer is 'yes'. It is felt that there are many enemy who wish to give themselves up. Their morale is low. 11 POW gave themselves up to Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders last night.

1220 hrs: The HLI of C have been strafed by two planes with they report as being Spitfires. No damage was done. Barges are sighted from "A" Coy on a bearing of 380 degrees M near Walcheren island, Netherlands. Barges moving North.

1300 hrs: Medial sitrep: 74 all ranks evacuated, 12 killed or died of wounds since D-Day. "D" Coy of Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa are to engage immediately enemy gun pinpointed at 15081465 (Wilhelminadijk, between hogewegdijk and Zuidlangeweg). It is a 20mm gun and has been causing the unit some worry. POW informs the SDG that General Grieherr von Gilsa, Commander of an Infantry Division, is in the pocket.

1410 hrs: Sitrep: there is no change in situation of the SDG, NNSH or HLI of C. The HLI of C are to be relieved by the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. Relief probably completed by 1500 hrs. HLI of C are to take up position in general area 1713 (Helenaweg, Helenahoeve, Biervliet, Netherlands).

1500 hrs: Air support is to be immediately available. Suggested Typhoon targets: woods and farm 148136 (Sint Pietersdijk, 300 metres East of Polderstraat) North West along road from ref 144137 (3e Zachariasweg, 150 metres North of St Pietersdijk) to 126163 (Sasput). All woods and houses each side. Also ref 125168 (Westelijke Dwarsweg, 200 metres North of restaurant 'De Kromme Watergang) and 125175 (Magereind, 300 metres East of 'Het Gemaal').

1520 hrs: We fire on 147152 (Hogewegdijk, 300 metres North of camping Scheldehoeve) and hit an ammo dump which catches fire. "A" Coy NNSH are in the farm buildings at ref 162133 (Hoofdplaatseweg, 200 metres South of Schenkeldijk).

1530 hrs: "A" Coy NNSH are in the farm buildings at ref 162133.

1700 hrs: Unit active in trying to locate and destroy enemy guns.

1820 hrs: From Brigade... mutually arrange with 7 Recce (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars) holding the line of the road from ref 162145 (Zuidlangeweg, 200 metres North of Wilhelminadijk) to 163136 (Zuidlangeweg, 100 metres North of Schenkeldijk).

1830 hrs: Recce report arrives at the Command Post and arrangements are made to cover the area mentioned above.

2000 hrs: "B" Coy are to patrol to 157159 (Westlangeweg, between Hoogedijk and Hoofdplaat). Out 2300 hrs, in 0100 hrs. Task, Recce the area.

2020 hrs: Enemy gun at ref 14451365 (crossroad Bosdijk, 3e Zachariasweg, St Pietersdijk).

Temporary burial 37 Allies WW2 Hoofdplaat
Temporary burial 37 Canadian casualties. Farm P. de Clerck. Westerscheldedijk, Plaskreek, Thomaespolder, Netherlands.