Newton Cross, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Son of James and Georgine McKenna of Newton Cross, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Roman Catholic
Bank Manager
Service number
1940-09-02, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1941-06-19, United Kingdom
Date of death
Belgium, Died accidentally
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Auxiliary Services Canadian Army
Plot 9 | Row B | Grave 12
Additional info

Canadian Legion, 14 Section, Auxiliary Services Canadian Army.

Qualified Clerk Class 3, Group "C" on September 2, 1941.

Promoted to the rank of A/Sergeant on September 2, 1941.

Confirmed in the rank of Sergeant on December 2, 1941.

Confirmed in the rank of Quarter Master Sergeant on November 1, 1942.

Reverts to the rank of Sergeant at own request on October 15, 1943.

Drowned in a canal, Gent. Body recovered on June 21, 1945.

B/54734 Private Fontaine A.J. 14 Cdn Aux Services Sec att 12 CBR 3 CBRG having been duly sworn states:

"In 'the field' on 12 Jun 45 while acting as driver for Mr. McKenna J.A., I drove him to Gent, Belgium on 12 Jun 45. We arrived in Gent at 14 Cdn Aux Servies Sec on the evening of the same day. We unloaded a movie projector and cigarettes and turned them in there. Mr McKenna had other business to do here. He told me to go and park the vehicle and to meet him at the Marguerite cafe later. On my way to the Marguerite cafe, I stopped in at the American cafe for a drink. While here Mr. McKenna cam in and joined me. We had a couple of drinks of Cognac here, then left for the Marguerite cafe. We arrived there, had another drink and he told the lady at the bar that I would occupy his room there for that night and he would occupy another room across the canal he had already arranged for. We then left and he told to go with him. We went to the other side of the canal and walked along the street for a short distance turned around and walked back the same street. He appeared to be looking for something. I asked him what he was looking for. He replied 'I have a room here somewhere'. He then told me to return to the Marguerite cafe to my room and to meet him the next morning at 14 Cdn Aux Services Sec at 1000 hrs. I returned to the Marguerite cafe, bought myself another drink and went to my room. I have not seen Mr. McKenna since.