Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Son of Howard Louis and Flora Frances St. John of Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Truck Driver
Service number
1944-08-26, France
Date of death
Netherlands, Killed in action
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C.
Plot 1 | Row A | Grave 9
Military grave
Additional info

Wounded on September 25th, 1944.

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles war diary reports on October 25, 1944: Cloudy and cool with fair visibility. "A" and "C" Companies continued their advance during the night and "A" succeeded in pressing slightly forward and captured 23 prisoners. "C" Coy sent one platoon to destroy an enemy position on their left flank at 074144 (Krabbendijk, between Torenweg and klittenweg nearby the town of Schoondijke), a task that was completed by 0100 hrs. The remainder of the company engaged the enemy in fm buildings and dugouts at 074152 (Torenweg, about 600m from Krabbendijk).  At 0700 hrs "D" Coy passed through "A" and opened a determined attack on enemy positions in the area of 066165 (Nieuweweg, Schoondijke, between Schoondijkseweg and Baarzandsche Kreek). Strong resistance was encountered but by 1100 hrs the coy had captured all buildings in the area and continued the westward advance. Hy shelling and observed MG fire made progress slow. One platoon succeeded in pressing West to cross roads at 058166 (Scherpbierseweg, Schoondijke, between Schuitvlotstraat and Barendijk/ Schoondijkeseweg) while the remaining two platoons swung South and captured fm buildings at 061162 (in the field between Schoondijkseweg, Torenweg and Scherpbierseweg) and then attacked buildings to the North West at 057164 (Barendijk, 100m from x rd Schoondijkseweg and Scherpbierseweg). At the end of the day the three platoons held the entire area. "C" Coy fought their way through buildings along the road from 077149 (Krabbendijk, Schoondijke, between Torenweg and Blindenweg) to 065156 (Torenweg, Schoondijke, about where the road bends to the right, beside the water of Nieuwkerksche Kreek). Progress was slow owing to bitter resistance but by 1830 hrs the company held the area of 065156. "B" Coy moved to 074152 (Torenweg, Schoondijke, about 500m from Krabbendijk) in preparation for passing through "C" Coy on the following day. The Battalion Command Post moved to 072157 (center of field Torenweg/ Schoondijkseweg/ Blindenweg/ Krabbendijk) and rear Battalion Headquarters to 086167 (between Rijksweg/ Buijzenpolderdijk/ Middendijk, close to where several Canadian soldiers were temporary buried, included Cpl Halliday) at 1600 hrs. Sp Coy units assisted in the general advance and captured several of the many prisoners brought in during the day. Several casualties were suffered by "A", "C" and "D" Coys.