Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
Son of Clifford and Beatrice Langille of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
Church of England
Service number
1940-12-10, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
1943-07-22, United Kingdom
1944-07-23, France
Date of death
France, Killed in action
Royal Canadian Artillery
Plot 7 | Row G | Grave 11
Military grave
Additional info

Report 6th Heavy Battery, RCA July 5, 1941: 
Gunner Langille was posted for duty as gun look-out at 0645 hrs on the 29th June at Fort Lingan, Nova Scotia. He started to walk around the gun platform which was slippery as it was raining, and when doing so he slipped and fell injuring his right hand with his bayonet. He was taken to the Fort hospital immediately where a tourniquet was applied and he was then taken to Military Hospital ast Sydney, Nova Scotia, where it was found that a large irregular portion of the ball of the third finger of the right hand had been removed. The bone was not exposed and a pressure bandage was applied to control oozing. Gunner Langille was admitted to the hospital for further treatment. It is considered that this wound will have any affect on Gunner Langille's future efficiency as a soldier.

In hospital from shelburne from 9 till 18 September 1942.

Assigned to the 23 Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery on April 1, 1943.

The 23 Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery war diary reports on September 8, 1944: Brugge, Belgium area.

Still unable to contact 'Battle Ech' at 0200 hrs, and fear they may have missed change in GREEN ROUTE thus going right into enemy held Bergues, France. 'R' Battery OP called for track and bogey repairs. AB rejoined Battery after travelling up with 5th Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, RCA. Captain N. Stavert arrived at 0340 hrs, reported four men killed and 8 wounded in shelling South East of Soex, France. Other units also suffered casualties. 83 Battery lost Gunner Frank Horton Langille (F/10447) 23 Fld Coy, 36 Battery lost Gunners James Allan Reid (C/101820) and Romeo Landry (E/100378), 31 Battery lost Gunner Gordon Fisher (F/86608) (All buried at Adegem). At 0730 hrs, vehicles missing were, 83 Batter: 1 water truck, 1 amn truck, 1 MC - 36 Bty: 1 Carrier and 1 MC - 31 Bty: nil. 'Q' OP tank in the ditch, DC left on position with broken exhaust joint.
We moved at the civilized hour of 1100 hrs, and it was still raining. Unconfirmed reports of 75mm guns at 7697 at 'Vabbecke' (Jabbeke crossing Hugo Verrieststraat and Kroondreef, Belgium). At 1230 hrs the Commanding Officer reported Brugge, Belgium held by SS-troops with approaches covered by Anti-Tank guns. Air operations reports bridge blown on canal South East of Brugge. Lake Superior Regiment trying to work into town or around it. At 1800 hrs, we left the main CL and branched onto a beautiful four lane one way traffic highway, highly reminiscent of the Queen Elizabeth Way, to move into the Regiment area in 7995 (Isenbaertstraat, Jabbeke, Belgium), South West of Brugge. LSR sent patrols across canal and into Brugge - shot at. Air operations registered two targets, using 'R' and 'Q' Batteries. They were road junctions North East of Brugge. Visibility forced him to stop. He had to make forced landing on highway. Fire plan was laid on but cancelled. We do not want to fire into Brugge, a lovely (historical) town, and hope garrison will surrender.