Fort William, Ontario, Canada
Son of Margaret Green of Fort William, Ontario, Canada
United Church of Canada
Service number
1939-09-18, Fort William, Ontario, Canada
1939-12-31, United Kingdom
1944-07-23, France
Date of death
France, Killed in action
Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.
Cemetery reference
Plot 7 | Row G | Grave 10


Military grave
Additional info

Left school and enlisted at age 16. Joined the Field Ambulance because it was the only unit recruiting there. Does not like medical corps work. Would like to have a course and learn to be fitter, both for service and for use after discharge.

Overseas on December 19, 1939.

Discharged from 4th Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps on July 15, 1942.

Assigned to the Lake Superior Regiment "C" Coy on November 19, 1942.

Qualified M.C. on December 28, 1942.

Qualified Driver I/C Wheeled on May 3, 1943.

Qualified Driver I/C Tracked on December 30, 1943.

Promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal on August 25, 1944.

The Lake Superior Regiment war diary reports on September 7, 1944: 
192658: Bollezeele, France.
The morning was very dark and the weather was fair. Zero hour was at 0600 hrs and as it was very dark there was slight confusion, as we had no lights and no fires, consequently no breakfast. Tactical Headquarters with 'Smith Force' moved off but in the darkness the Motor Coy's plus Rear Headquarters by passed the tanks and speeded to the village of Bergues, France.  
Dunkirk bridge was taken with prepared demolitions, 60 Prisoners were captured. The Company withdrew to original C.L. at 'Spinach' and the Battalion regrouped. We moved off again at 1030 hrs in a very heavy gale and downpour. 'Smith Force' encountered heavy fire from the village of Bergues. The enemy had moved in after we had left. We then encountered heavy Artillery fire and Battalion Headquarters in a farm building was nearly hit. We moved forward and Tactical Headquarters was set up in the cellar of a building in the village. Orders then came from Brigade to by-pass the opposition. An alternative route was recce'd and the 'Keane Force' cleared to a new C.L. As the bridge at 'Bret' was blown and a new bridge will have to be built, the Battalion formed up No of the C.L. from where extensive patrols were carried out. There were some casualties, 7 wounded and 3 killed (H/11136 Green, H/46383 Smith and ..?). Lieutenant Holgerson had great difficulty in brining up his echelon and the did not arrive until morning. Today "A" Company was in the RECCE force which was made up of "A" Coy SC PL under Lieutenant Hinton, 1 TP of RECCE tanks, 1 motor pl, 1 sqdn tanks and 13 pl of M.M.G.'s. At 0945 hrs they were held up by strong enemy resistance which consisted of entrenched Infantry, at least 4 88-cannons, a mined bridge, road block, and at least 1 flame thrower. An estimate of the number of enemy in the district is 5000. The RECCE force was under shellfire from 1015 hrs to 1355 hrs from which there were 3 casualties. At 1545 hrs the force crossed the Belgium border and reached their harbour area at 2020 hrs without any further opposition. 

Had a brother in the Army. Corporal Stanley Green (age 23) H/45589. He enlisted on June 10, 1940. He was a truck driver. He went overseas on August 23, 1942. He also disembarked to France on July 23, 1944 with "C" Coy, Lake Superior Regiment. Killed in action August 21, 1944 France. His remains are buried at Bretteville-sur-Laize, France. Plot 18, Row A, Grave 10.

Temporary grave maker of brother Stanley Green.