Innisfree, Alberta, Canada
Son of John and of Katy Babysh of Innisfree, Alberta, Canada
Roman Catholic
Service number
1943-09-28, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1944-06-11, France
Date of death
Belgium, Killed in action
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Regina Rifle Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Cemetery reference
Plot 8 | Row G | Grave 7
Military grave
Additional info

Parents were born in Austria.

Overseas on April 5, 1944.

Joined the R.R.R. on May 18, 1944.

The Regina Rifle Regiment War Diary reports on October 6, 1944: MR 023961 (Kleit, Belgium)
Weather has been clear and moonlit all night, but very cold. Cold wind all day, but no rain. Adjt and IO move forward at 0030 hrs. CO at 0330 hrs. 2IC moves forward with vehicles at 0630 hrs and BnHQ set up at 019013 (Moerhuizestraat, Belgium - Between Strobrugge and Moerhuize). Assault commences on time but "A" Coy is turned back by a concentrated MG fire. "B" Coy force crossing and hold position with considerable casualties. "D" Coy goes in and after some difficulty force crossing and hold on despite continues MG and Mortar fire, arriving on other side at 0855 hrs. "C" Coy follow on "D" Coy axis and get across and firmly establish by 1020 hrs. MG and Mortar fire are continues, many landing in area of BnHQ, along road, Fighter bombers attack targets in vicinity Aardenburg (Netherlands) at 1115 hrs. Continued counter attacks by enemy makes it impossible for our Coys to move forward and "A" Coy are sent across. Praise is due to our SP Artillery, who bring down tasks immediately on request and break up what appeared to be several attempts at organized counter attacks. Enemy became quiet during evening and darkness falls without major counter attack being put in. O Gp at 2330 hrs-- CO reviews operation so far, and expresses his satisfaction and that of higher command, that our Coys have held to their Bridgeheads despite opposition, which turned out to be much stronger than expected along this line of canal. Fact that we have been unable to advance to our objectives has not displeased higher command. Locations of Sub Units: "A" Coy 017019 (Aardenburgkalseide, Belgium), "C" Coy 021018 (East of "A" Coy near Vlotweg, Belgium), "D" Coy 013018 (West of "A" Coy), "B" Coy (Royal Montreal Regiment) have insufficient personnel left to carry on as a Coy and join "A" Coy.

WW2 temporary burial Canadians Maldegem
Temporary burial: Maldegem, Belgium.