Hebbville (Lunenburg Country), Nova Scotia, Canada
Son of Steadman and Diana Arenburg of Hebbville (Lunenburg Country), Nova Scotia, Canada
Church of England
Farmer's Helper
Service number
1944-06-13, France
Date of death
Netherlands, Killed in action
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Royal Winnipeg Rifles, R.C.I.C.
Cemetery reference
Plot 1 | Row A | Grave 11
Military grave
Additional info

Completed basic and is about to commence advanced infantry training. No physical complaints. Age 19. Grade 8 education. Considered suitable infantry general reinforcement material. R. McKim, Captain.

Wounded on July 8, 1944. Mortar wound left leg.
Back to France on August 17, 1944.
Wounded on August 28, 1944. Left arm.

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles war diary reports on July 8, 1944: Lasson, France.
Cloudy in the morning with scattered showers, clearing by the middle of the day. A Great deal of our arty deployed in the Battalion area and they shelled enemy positions during the night. This drew enemy counter-battery fire and the Battalion was in the very noisy position of being between the two fires all night. As our Brigade (7th Infantry Brigade, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Regina Rifles Regiment and Canadian Scottish Regiment) was to take their objectives after 8th (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, Le Regiment de la Chaudiere and North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment) and 9th (Highland Light Infantry of Canada, North Nova Scotia Highlanders and Stormont Dudas & Glengarry Highlanders) Brigades had reported succes, the Battalion did not move into their FUP (Forming Up Point), Bout de Rosel (9674) until 1200 hrs. "A" Coy suffered a few casualties before the move from enemy shell fire. In the afternoon the Battalion moved forward on the axis of advance towards Gruchy (Normandy, France) and took up a position immediately south of Gruchy with the Battalion Command party at 982722. We were shelled and mortared during the advance and throughout the night with some casualties. During the night "B" and "D" Coy's went to assist 1 Canadian Scottish Regiment in their task of attacking Cussy (Normandy, France) (9970). Some prisoners were taken during the advance and some equipment. 

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles war diary reports on August 28, 1944: Arrest, France.
Party cloudy and warm. Regina Rifles Regiment and Canadian Scottish Regiment occupied their positions with very little opposition. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles then passed through these positions and came under heavy fire from tanks, small arms fire and shelling which caused heavy casualties to "C" Coy, including Major N.G. Wilson-Smith who was wounded and Lieutenant D.A.W. Kirkpatrick who was killed. Lieutenant Morris Marvin Soronow was also killed. The Battalion routed the enemy and dug in (207035). Intermittent shelling all through the night. Tanks of the 10th Amoured Regiment were called on for support but did not arrive in time for the battle. Approx 20 prisoners were taken during the action.

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles war diary reports on August 28, 1944: North-West Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Netherlands.
Cloudy and cool. Visibility por. "B" Coy continued their attack on the village Boerenhol (0717). Every house was strongly defended and progress was slow. By 1800 hrs the village was cleared of living enemy troops and the advance towards Groede continued. "A" Coy were held up by enemy shelling until late in the afternoon when some progress was made in the face of concentrated machine gun fire and at the end of the day forward elements of the Coy held the area of 072164 (Schoondijkseweg, Netherlands). "C" Coy moved to road junction 085153 (Rijksweg N676 / Krabbedijk, Netherlands) at 0930 hrs and started an advance to the enemy dugouts and slit trenches containing machine gun nests. Progress was made in the face of bitter frontal opposition as well concentrated automatic fire from the left flank. Every house and dugout had to be dealt with individually but at the end of the day the Company held the road junction at 076149 (Torenweg / Krabbedijk, Netherlands). Battalion Command Group moved to 098167 (field Schaapweg / Platteweg / Buijzenpolderdijk) at 0715 hrs and to 086169 (Buijzenpolderdijk, close to Rijksweg N676) at 1700 hrs. Rear Battalion HQ moved to 098167 at the same time. Lt-Col L.R. Fulton, DSO (Distinguished Service Order), attended a Bde O Gp at 1845 hrs and held a Bn O Gp at 2000 hrs. Many casualties had been suffered during the day including "A" Coy command, Captain W.J. Saul. 60 prisoners from 1037 Gren Regt and 1 Parachute Bn were captured.