London, United Kingdom
Son of Charles James Byford of London, United Kingdom
Roman Catholic
Service number
1940-07-19, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of death
Belgium, Died of wounds (accident)
Regiment (Fallen buddies)
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.
Cemetery reference
Plot 10 | Row G | Grave 4
Military grave
Additional info

Overseas on September 30, 1942.

Assigned to the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry on May 27, 1943.

To be Corporal on September 15, 1944.

Wounded on October 19, 1944. Bruised left foot.

Died of accidental gun shot wound to the chest.

I'am B88246 Cpl Belanger, D.H., 51 Coy., 11 CBR Bn. On the evening of 22 Dec '44, I was in room no 2, of "B" block. Someone said, that the whole Company had to "stand to", so I remarked to a Sergeant, then in the room, that I had no weapon so I'd better go and get one. I went to Company Quarter Master Stores, where I was issued with a Sten machine gun, some mags, and some ammo, all of which were new and covered with grease. I took them back to my room and started to clean the Sten. I stripped it and removed the barrel and took it outside to clean it as I could not find a rod or anything long enough to push the grease out of the bore. I eventually poured hot water through it and went back to my room and reassembled the Sten. I then picked up a magazine, wiped the grease off of the outside and proceeded to load it. I pushed a few cartridges in it, but couldn't get many in, as the spring was too stiff. Cpl Byford, came in to the room and stood leaning on the bad across from me. I asked him if he had a loader, and he said "no", so I went over to the bed and placed the remaining cartridges on my pack, as I did this, something fell to the floor, I stopped over to pick it up, but couldn't reach it, as Cpl Byford was in the road. I went back to my bed, picked up the Sten and said: "Well, I've got some ammo in, so I'm ready for them anyhow", and put the magazine on the Sten. As I hit it, to push it on, the gun went off and I dropped it on the floor. Cpl Byford said: "I'm shot Frenchy", and I helped him down to the floor as he went to fall over. Then I yelled for stretcher bearer, and ran out the door and got them and went back to my room with them. They took over and chased everyone out of the room.