4th Canadian Armoured Division

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Canadian 4th Armoured Division

The 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division was created during World War II by the conversion of the 4th Canadian Infantry Division at the beginning of 1942 in Canada. The division proceeded overseas in 1942, with its two main convoys reaching the United Kingdom in August and October. The division spent almost two years training in the United Kingdom before crossing to Normandy in July 1944. In the United Kingdom, it participated in war games together with the Polish 1st Armoured Division, and later fought in France, the Low Countries, and Germany; both divisions followed very close paths. The division participated in the later stages of the Battle of Normandy at the Falaise Pocket, the advance from Normandy and spent almost two months engaged at the Breskens Pocket as well as Operation Pheasant. It wintered in the Netherlands and took part in the final advance across northern Germany.

4th Canadian Armoured Brigade
  21st Armoured Regiment (The Governor General's Foot Guards)
  22nd Armoured Regiment (The Canadian Grenadier Guards)
  28th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment)
  The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor)

10th Canadian Infantry Brigade
  The Lincoln and Welland Regiment
  The Algonquin Regiment
  The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)
  10 Canadian Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scots)

Other Units
  29th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment)
  "D" Squadron, 25th Armoured Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment), Canadian Armoured Corps
  15th Field Regiment, RCA
  23rd Field Regiment, RCA
  5th Anti-tank Regiment, RCA
  8th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment, RCA
  4th Canadian Armoured Division Engineers
  8th Field Squadron, RCE
  9th Field Squadron, RCE
  6th Field Park Squadron, RCE
  4th Canadian Armoured Division Bridge Troop, RCE
  No. 46 Light Aid Detachment, RCEME
  4th Canadian Armoured Divisional Signals, R.C. Sigs
  No. 4 Defence and Employment Platoon (Lorne Scots)
  12 Light Field Ambulance, RCAMC 
  No. 8 Provost Company, Canadian Provost Corps